Classes with Sheena

Sheena Saydam and David Hoffman share how they are succeeding in growing their businesses, not by buying leads or cold calling, but by leveraging relationships that already exist in their lives

This class also provides additional revenue for the Market Center. 

This course is an all-day event that will benefit the Market Center (MC)/Region in the following ways:


Help your current agents discover how to build a limitless business with the relationships already in their lives; they will spend less money doing so as the focus in not on paid leads.


Recruitment: the course has a 94% recruit success rate, which of course means additional revenue for the MC(s). 


David & Sheena both have large agent networks and will assist with the marketing of the event, while following your lead on preferences. We are equipped to create videos, JPGs, and email blasts. 


Bonus value:  Should you choose to host a dinner for your top recruits and/or top performers the night before or night of the event, David and Sheena will happily attend and provide an informal opportunity for masterminding with these agents. 

For pricing information, contact us.