• Sheena Saydam

5 Things to Look for at an Open House

Open houses can be a fun opportunity to get ideas for the type of home you want to buy, or even find your dream home. But aside from paint colors, layout and the number of closets,

there are several critical things you should look for at any open house – here are five of them.

1. Check out the lot. Consider your family’s lifestyle when you look at the front and back yards. Will your family want a flat area to play in and enjoy, or is hilly terrain ok? Also look at the trees to see how well they’ve been taken care of, whether there are dangerous branches over the home and how much raking you’ll have to do in the fall.

2. Sniff the basement. The basement is often where all the dirty secrets hide, and that’s the reason home inspectors spend more time in basements than anywhere else. Check for a sump pump, sniff for any odd or musty odors, look for stains on the floor and press on the walls to see if they feel wet.

3. Go to the top floor of the house and look up! Water stains on the ceilings of the top floor can be a telltale sign of an aging or inadequate roof.

4. Turn on the shower and sink and flush the toilet at the same time. Is the water pressure throughout the home adequate to handle your family’s habits and lifestyle?

5. Open the windows. You’re checking to see if the windows open (and stay open) and whether the windows feel like they’re high-quality or may be drafty in the winter.

Even if you do these things, it’s important to have a qualified home inspector take a close look at the home’s systems. For more insider tips, contact Han or Sheena Saydam here.