• Sheena Saydam

Buyers Are Not Waiting on Your Home

Throughout the past month we have been working diligently with many buyers. Right now, there is an abundance of buyers shopping for their new home, and in many cases their new home. What we are seeing is a shortage of homes on the market right now, creating a sellers market.

A seller's market, means that with less homes for sale, sellers are receiving multiple bids on their homes. This is what happens when we have a low inventory.

But buyers are not waiting. With so few homes available to purchase, many buyers are looking at new construction. There are various reasons they are willing to consider having a home built, but what it comes down to is they are ready to buy now, not in the Spring.

If you are waiting for the Spring to sell, you should be aware that many other sellers are doing the exact same thing as you. This will result in a more balanced market in which multiple offer situations become fewer and your home sits on the market longer. It also means that today's buyers won't be available to purchase your home. Buyers are not waiting on your home or anyone to take advantage of the great low interest rates currently available.

If you are considering selling your home, I urge you to re-evaluate your decision to wait for the Spring and talk to us today about the advantages our sellers are seeing now. We are experts in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia housing market and would love to be the expert you rely on to get your home sold!

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