• Sheena Saydam

Buying a Home in DC is Cheaper than Renting

According to a Trulia study published on October 15, 2014, buying a home in DC is 34% cheaper than renting a home in DC. This number is 4% lower than the national average of 38%.

The following information provided by Trulia shows how the payoff of buying versus renting can differ according to where in the DC area you may choose to live.

Fairfax, VA - 25% less

Loudoun, VA - 26% less

Arlington and Alexandria - 30% less

District of Columbia - 33% less

Montgomery County, MD - 34% less

Prince William, VA - 35% less

Prince George’s MD - 57% less

In order to determine whether it is cheaper to buy than it is to rent in a metropolitan area, Trulia assumes:

  • 20% down payment on a 30-yr, fixed-rate mortgage financed with a 4.3% interest rate

  • people itemize federal tax deductions and are in the 25-percent tax bracket

  • homeowners will live in a home for a minimum of seven years (Note: Seven years may be a long time to live in one place, especially if the market is steep)

Trulia also factors in:

  • renovation

  • maintenance costs

  • insurance

  • utilities

  • property taxes at the average metro property tax rate

Renters’ insurance is added on for those who rent.

After factoring in alternative financing, including different kinds of mortgages and down payment amounts, Trulia’s rent vs. buy calculator calculates and finds that nationally, buying is cheaper than renting every time. However, buying may not be for everyone even with the cost differences between buying and renting.

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