• Sheena Saydam

Could Alexandria, Virginia’s Potomac Yard Have a Metro Station by 2018?

For years, the City of Alexandria, Virginia, has been struggling with the location and cost for

construction of a new Metro station at Potomac Yard. Construction is about two years behind schedule.

Price tags well over $100 million ($209 million to $493 million) for the proposed Metro station, even after the site is selected, are causing much of the struggle in moving forward. The city will be financing most of the project. Because the high cost is certain to violate the city’s debt ceiling, Alexandria will be paying for the financing of the Metro station for several years.

Other deterrents to the forward motion of the Metro project are the intrusion on National Park Service land or obstruction of scenic views from the George Washington Parkway that all but one of the options will be.

The four options proposed for the Potomac Yard Metro station were presented by the City of Alexandria on May 15, 2014. After the impact the station will have on the surrounding areas of each of the proposed options is looked at, a recommended option should show up on a draft Environmental Impact Statement by the fall. Construction may begin as early as the fall of 2014.

Here are the locations and some details of each option:

  1. Option 1 – between the CSXT Railroad tracks and the north end of the Potomac Greens neighborhood, in the “Metrorail Reservation.” Two pedestrian bridges from the station to the planned development along with pedestrian access to the Potomac Greens and Old Town Greens neighborhoods would be built by the city.

  2. Option 2 – between the George Washington Memorial Parkway and the CSXT Railroad. Similar to Option 1, just in a different location.

  3. Option 3 – where the Regal Potomac Yard movie theater is. This newest option is extremely pricey requiring moving the CSX tracks, thus adding a lot of time to the project.

  4. Option 4 – a raised station just west of the CSXT right-of-way, near the Potomac Yard Retail Center. The post labeled this option as the least feasible, but business owners like this plan. A center platform layout and pedestrian bridge connecting it to the Potomac Greens and Old Town Greens to Potomac Avenue at East Glebe Road is part of this proposed option.

Which of the 4 options for a Metro station for Potomac Yard in Alexandria appeals most to you? Leave your vote and why you chose the option you did in the comments below.