• Sheena Saydam

DC’s DMPED Chose Development Proposals

Roadside Development and Dantes Partners has been chosen by DC’s Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) to develop a city-owned lot located at 1336 8th Street NW and O Street NW.

In December, 2013, the DMPED sent out requests for proposals for the project on 8th Street and O Street NW. Roadside and Dantes Partners, A&R Development and the Urban Group, Four Points LLC and the Warrenton Group, and Madison Investments and Audubon

Enterprises were groups on a short list chosen to submit to the community in July of 2014.

In early July of 2014, Roadside Development and Dantes Partners’ proposal for development of the location submitted the following:

  • Approximately 70 condo units

  • Completion mid-2017

  • 6,900 square feet of retail

  • Shalom Baranes Associates for architects for the development

Nearby City Market at O was developed by Roadside. Residents of the proposed project would be given the opportunity of opting into that project’s features. Two-story townhouses with decks would be developed on the 8th Street side of the development.

What do you think of two-story townhouses with decks built on the street side of a DC retail shop? Contact me, Sheena Saydam, and let me know your thoughts. I can be reached by email at Sheena@SaydamProperties.com or by phone at (202) 243-7700. One of these townhouses might be perfect for you!