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Downsizing in DC – Thinking Big by Living Small

What is downsizing? It is the concept of living simpler, utilizing space to its fullest. It is having fewer financial burdens, living in a home that requires minimal maintenance. It is getting rid of excess stuff that has been accumulated over time and paring down to basic essentials. How much stuff do we really need to live a normal life? How much living space do we really need?

There’s a trendy movement among us called "micro-living." Fans of micro-living swear by it, and they are encouraging others in DC to start thinking big by living small.

Many people live beyond their means and accumulate stuff over time. Living beyond your means creates one or more of the following realities in day-to-day life that must be dealt with:

  • Excessive debt

  • Too much stuff

  • Debilitating stress

Enter the desire for change, the desire for simplicity, the desire for downsizing in DC. Downsizing in DC can be stressful, but the benefits listed below far outweigh the negatives. Advocates of micro-living say downsizing will:

  • Increase cash flow

  • Provide more time

  • Lower utility bills

  • Reduce consumption

  • Minimize stress

Downsizing in DC requires:

  • Assessing your actual needs

  • Prioritizing needs versus wants

  • Getting rid of clutter. (If you don’t need or use an item within 6 months, give, sell or throw it away. When you come across boxes of items that haven’t seen the light of day for years, get rid of them at once. You don’t need them.)

  • Donating electronics and furniture

  • Moving to within walking distance of work, grocery shopping and downtown amenities

Now that your downsizing in DC is complete, try to stay organized. Be ruthless about what enters your space. Relax and enjoy surrounding yourself with only the things that are truly most important to you knowing that a move to living simpler will be smoother, too.

And, of course, your DC area real estate agent, Sheena Saydam, knows where the smaller and good-quality houses are. I will find you the right location to meet your needs for downsizing in DC. Contact me by email at Sheena@SaydamProperties.com or by phone at (202) 243-7700 today.

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