• Sheena Saydam

Finding the Right Washington DC Neighborhood for You

The right Washington DC neighborhood helps your home hold value and makes it easy to sell when you have/want to move. Make a list of what you want and do not want in a neighborhood and shop for the "wants."

Only you know what is ideal for you. Go into your search for a new home armed with good information.

Here are some ways to determine that you are buying in the right neighborhood:

  • Become an expert on the neighborhood that interests you. Really get a feel for it by attending open houses, walking the streets, spending time in the coffee shops and restaurants and visiting local points of interest.

  • You see improvement being made in the area. During nice weather months look for painting, re-roofing, replacement windows, new fences and decks being installed. This shows that the homeowners have pride in their homes.

  • Attend a neighborhood block watch meeting. If the neighbors are organized, that shows a sign of a tight community.  Also, subscribe to the neighborhood newsletter.

  • There is easy access to public transit. Check to see that bus stops, rail lines and subways, if available, are all within easy access.

  • Be sure crime statistics are low. City police department websites often publish them.

  • Check the school test scores. If the school test scores are strong, home prices are high.

  • Visit your target neighborhood during different times of the day. To get a realistic picture, return at night, on weekends and in the middle of the day during the week.

  • Make sure that the neighborhood will suit your needs to at least five years.

  • Look for signs of good change coming. Is there major economic development or a large-scale employer moving into the area? These are signs that good things are coming to the area.

Your DC area real estate agent, Sheena Saydam, knows how to find the right Washington DC neighborhood for you. She will find you the right location to meet your needs in DC. Contact her by email at Sheena@SaydamProperties.com or by phone at (202) 243-7700 today.