• Sheena Saydam

Home prices are lower for DC area homes this year. Asking prices this year were compared with market

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in Washington DC this year? Choosing a real estate agent who is skilled in the home-buying or selling process is a very key decision. One who knows your target market, acts in an ethical manner, answers your questions, addresses your concerns and most importantly, listens to you is ideal.

The business relationship you as a buyer or seller have with your real estate agent is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever make. For you as a buyer, a skilled agent will find your dream home in your target neighborhood and get you the best deal. For you as a seller, a great agent will price your home effectively to help you get the best price and get it sold.

Picking the right agent can mean the difference of thousands of dollars or missing out on the perfect home.

How do you go about finding a skilled agent who will meet your real estate needs? You can get referrals from neighbors, friends and family. You can use a tool like Trulia’s Find an Agent Directory. Or you can call Sheena Saydam of Saydam Properties Group, LLC.

When searching for the perfect real estate agent, interview an agent with these questions:

  1. About how many of your clients are buyers versus sellers?

  2. Which neighborhoods do you work in chiefly?

  3. Will you be working with me directly or will I work with someone other than you? Will my purchase or sale be handled by you from beginning to finish or will a sales associate or administrative assistant take care of some tasks? (Assistants can be invaluable, but connect with your agent regularly.)

  4. Are you a full-time or part-time real estate agent?

  5. Have you closed homes in my neighborhood? How many?

  6. How many other buyers are you working with at this time? How many sellers? (A busy agent is usually an efficient one.)

  7. Is your license in good standing? (Check an agent’s certification yourself with your state’s Department of Real Estate. Many states provide this information online.)

  8. What experience do you have?

  9. How many years and what type of continuing education have you had?

  10. Are you a broker and/or a Realtor or an agent?

  11. Do you own your own home?

  12. May I have a list of the names and phone numbers of clients you have worked with as references? (Past clients can help you learn a lot about an agent you are looking to work with.)

So, if you plan to buy a new home or sell your existing one in Washington DC this year, look no further for a skilled real estate agent who will work hard to help you find the best purchase price or help you get the best possible asking price. Contact me, Sheena Saydam, the very best fit for your particular real estate needs. Email Saydam Properties Group, LLC, at Sheena@SaydamProperties.com or call 202-243-7700 today.