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Locals Offer Advice on DC Food, Getting Around and More

When we posted our blog post on 10 things military families should know before they move to the DC area, we also asked some of our friends for what advice they would provide — tips, places to go and things to do.

Here’s what they told us:

“Though it's getting less so, most adults in the DC are transplants from somewhere else, not long-time residents. What that means is that for the most part, people are VERY welcoming of new people. Don't be afraid to reach out to new friend groups; almost everyone knows what it was like to move to a new city where they knew no one and folk are generally pretty eager to meet new people.”


S. McBean says: “Best sandwich shop: Wisemiller's in Georgetown. Best hoagie - Bub and Pop's.” 

K. Delaney says: “Best bakery: Bread Furst in Van Ness! Get the donut if they have it and ANY of the bread varieties!”

J. Ranville says: “… Baked + Wired, the best cupcake spot in DC. (Just don't tell the tourists.)”

C. Barnes Yokay recommends Daikaya. “Best small eats by Verizon Center. Eat upstairs, and order the "Path to Righteousness." Words can't even describe how good every single thing tastes.”

W. Hudson says: "Iron Gate is DC's best summer spot for a late dinner."

Getting Around

 “The observation deck at the top of the Kennedy Center is open if the center is and is always free so you don't need to be seeing a show to use it. It's a great spot for some cool views of the Mall, particularly in the evenings.”

“Don't be afraid of the map. The District's roads actually are a (more or less) orderly grid. Numbered streets run north to south, lettered streets run east to west, and diagonal streets are (almost) all named after states. Lettered streets are even alphabetical, hence H street, K street, M street, etc. When the alphabet runs out, the streets just become alphabetical using words with two syllables (Benton, Calvert, Davis, Edmonds, etc.) and then three syllables (Albermarle, Brandywine, Chesapeake, etc.).”

“Stand on the right and walk on the left on Metro escalators, please.”

Things to Know

Ben's Chili Bowl at 3 a.m. is a mess and yet is absolutely an experience every Washingtonian of any age should experience. You may think yourself too old for that. Don't be a hero; give in to the temptation.”

“You may not be political, but lots of people are. Don't get upset when a bar decides to turn on the State of the Union or a live congressional hearing and people want to pay attention so they ask you to keep your voice down. Yes, it's a bar and yes, that's sorta ridiculous. Deal with it.”

And the best local t-shirts are at District Line Co. Clothing, by the way!

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