• Sheena Saydam

Modular Homes on DC’s Richardson Place

What are modular homes? Any home factory-built to a local state code. Modular homes are:

  • constructed in a factory

  • constructed away from your property

  • constructed in a controlled environment

  • delivered to your job site

Systems-built homes, factory-built and off-site construction are three other terms modular homes are known by. When you apply for a new home loan, it’s important to know that modular homes are built to the same local and state codes that 100% site-built homes are and that they are considered “real property.”

Wilbur Mondie, owner of two properties on DC’s Richardson Place, has chosen to build a by-right development instead of developing the property into more units there. Earlier, the Board of Zoning Adjustment rejected the project’s application to develop the property into more units, so Mondie withdrew it.

Last week factory-built sections for two new homes were seen making their way through the streets of DC headed for the little street named Richardson Place. Definitely not something you see every day in Washington DC! The homes are being delivered to the site to be installed in pre-built sections later. They should reach completion in about two months.

Richardson Place is a tiny street tucked away near 4th and R Street NW. The new homes are being assembled on site at 410 Richardson Place NW and 412 Richardson Place NW. Each one consists of an upstairs with up to 8 bedrooms and a downstairs with 3 bedrooms.

Drive by and take a look at the progress on these two DC homes. Curious to see what 8 bedrooms upstairs looks like? Contact me, Sheena Saydam, and schedule a time to tour either home once they are completed. Email Saydam Properties Group, LLC, at Sheena@SaydamProperties.com or call (202) 243-7700. One of these new homes on the little street named Richardson Place may soon by your home, sweet home!