• Sheena Saydam

Saydam Properties Group Gives $10K to Urban Ed

This past weekend, Saydam Properties Group completed its second annual pledge of $10,000 to Urban Ed. Urban Ed's mission is to use technology in ways to (1) help persons in

need gain marketable workplace skills in the information technology field and (2) help the children of these families who are not scoring at proficient in school gain academic enrichments in the key subjects. Urban Ed is located and provides programs in Southeast, D.C.

Roxanne J. Williams, President and Founder of Urban Ed, has worked day and night for nearly a decade to keep her organization growing. With an annual budget of around $200,000, money is tight. And yet, Williams and her team, who often go for weeks without receiving a paycheck, are completely dedicated to the people they serve. "Their passion," Sheena remarks, "is inspiring. I'm hopeful that in the coming year, we can inspire others to contribute to this remarkable organization."

If you'd like to support Urban Ed, please donate today. Thank you in advance!

P.S. New website coming soon!