• Sheena Saydam

Spring Cleaning Checklist

We all know how it is. When you live in a home for a little while, maybe even have a few kids or take on a few more hobbies, one day you look at your home and realize that every single room is filled with stuff!

One client recently told us that he wished he had made it a goal to "prepare the home to sell" once a year.

That's a great idea! Going through your home room by room — as if you were a potential buyer — can prevent a lot of clutter and minor maintenance issues from building up. Are there small projects around the house, scuff marks on walls, touch-up paint needed, or a leaky faucet that you've been putting off fixing?

Take some time this spring to do those things. Believe us, once they're done, it is like this unbelievable burden lifted off of your shoulders. You'll see your beautiful home in a whole new way.

At Saydam Properties Group, we actually have a checklist to help in this effort.

If you are looking to clear your clutter and release your home from the chaos, enter your name and email address on the contact form below and you'll be sent to our spring cleaning checklist document immediately. You can download it, print it out, and use it every year.

We also have referrals for contractors and handymen. Let me know what you need!